Albayzín library opened in 1979 thanks to the restless initiative of Miguel Carrascosa. At that time, Carrascosa was the headmaster of the school Colegio Gómez Moreno.

According to the current library director, María Correa, this was how the Albayzín public library was founded. María Correa is writing a book about the history of this library named after Juan de Loxa, a local writer, poet and journalist.

María Correa points out: “It was created upon Miguel Carrascosa’s request. It opened in 1979. It then closed for some years for no apparent reason, and it reopened in 1989 when it came under management of the City Council.”

“Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the library foundation. I’m working on its history, of which I’d like to publish a book.”

It was the first intercultural library in Andalusia. It has been working as an intercultural library since 2003. We have books in Arabic, French and English because the district population comes from different countries.”

Nowadays, the library collection has over 36 000 books and newspaper cuttings about the Albayzín.

This library has more than 6 000 cosmopolitan users. “According to our users, this library is a sort of cultural lung for the district”, said the smiling librarian.

Moreover, the library collaborates with the schools of the Albayzín through a reading promotion programme. They also have a reading group for adults.

María Correa concludes smiling as always: “I don’t live in the Albayzín, but I love to work here. It is a really special district; the mixture of cultures enriches it.”