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The restoration icon


“I am a photo seeker. I am a compulsive collector. Thanks to the internet, the first photos of the Albayzín, Granada and Spain were collected and spread.” This is just one of the passions of

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The last one of San Nicolás


Rita is 88 years old, and she is the last resident of the viewpoint called Mirador de San Nicolás. “From the people that always lived here, I am the last remaining”, she explains with

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Women recounting the Albayzín


My parents married on the 21st of May 1928, and the Bañuelo, the Muslim bath of the 11th century, was declared a National Monument on the 22nd of May. The monument opened to the

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Another kind of tourism is possible


In his warm house in the Albayzín, while he serves a tea to the visitor, Jago Sermasi faces the complex and permanent issue that affects district daily life: yes to tourism vs. no to

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Residents and culture


Since the beginning, the main purpose of the association was to increase the cultural level of the district” affirmed Lola Boloix, the head of the recently defunct Resident’s Association of the Lower Albayzín. Without

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Maestro guitarrero


Valerio Licardi joined the Granada School of Guitar-makers. It is an honour to belong to the school because we are talking about the best guitar-makers in the world. The following video is proof of it.

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Flying high


Glovento Sur is a high-flying company. They offer hot-air balloon trips in Granada, Malaga, Cadiz and Seville and are located in the heart of the Albayzín. This company is a member of the Granada

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The first association


My name is Antonio Jiménez Castro. My parents emigrated. I was born in France, but I have been living in the Albayzín since I was a child. I studied in the Colegio San Salvador, a

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The head of the Albayzín’s hotel industry


Ana Fernández Carrillo is a businesswoman and the head of the AEHRA, that is the association of businesspeople of the hotel and restaurant industry of the Albayzín. She has been working in the Albayzín

The head of the Albayzín’s hotel industry2019-10-22T10:22:27+01:00
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