University of Granada Digital Society and Culture Research Laboratory organized the Albayzín and Sacromonte Forums about sustainable tourism. During one of these forums, the participants elaborated a document named Best Practices Guide for Tourists and Visitors. Its aim was to promote the coexistence between tourists and residents through a list of recommendations for visitors to avoid possible inconveniences to the residents of historical districts.

All the involved parties in this issue such as residents, residents’ associations, tourist guides, businesspeople from the tourist sector, the City Council and more participated in the elaboration of this document. The main objectives of the debate were to be enriching, open-minded, conciliatory and to satisfy every party. They based the recommendation list on other international documents like the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and Tips for a Responsive traveller, both UN documents.

The main point of this work was to create a document for tourism offices, hotels and guided tours in order to raise the visitor awareness and to improve their experience in the city.

Photo by Laura Muñoz