It is understandable why many painters from different art styles decided to capture the Albayzín in their canvas, as well as professional photographers or just selfie-lovers from all over the world. They were enchanted by the streets and the squares of the district.

It is not strange that this is the birthplace of flamenco. Also, the district inspired other musical genres, such as classical music or trap. The same thing occurs with other types of art, and the reason is just one: there are multitudes of muses in the Albayzín. Its magical atmosphere is present all day long, from the sunrise when the bells of the convents ring until the sunset, one of the most beautiful in the entire world. Or the sunny middays with their cobalt blue sky. Or the twilight that leave space to the first lights. The lights announce the arrival of the night. What a night. The night of the district is full of secrets. The oldest residents of the Albayzín still use the expression Bajar a Graná, which means “Going downhill to Granada”, when they have to leave the district to run an errand or meet someone. They are referring to the feeling they experiment when they have to leave the Albayzín, it is like going away from a unique place that survives the vicissitudes of time. Magic cannot be found elsewhere; there might be other enchanting places, but they do not have the ethereal atmosphere which can be felt coursing through this district.