My father’s father, Manuel Martínez de la Victoria y Fernández de Liencres, was born in Granada on the 27th of February 1872, and died on June 13th of 1956 at the age of 84.”

(…) He used to show me his beloved Granada during our walks around the city. Thanks to him, I discovered the most beautiful spots of the city, as well as visiting its museums.”

María de los Ángeles Martínez de Victoria Muñoz wrote these words about one of the most unique personalities of Granada. His photographic work provided plenty of information about the Granada of the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.

His passion was not only photography; he was also a hot-air balloon pilot.

María de los Ángeles Martínez de Victoria Muñoz

Martínez de Victoria’s photographic heritage is a very important source of information. His snapshots, even his pictures of inexpressive monuments, are an objective witness of its time. It is impossible to say the same about other professional pictures from that time. Martínez de Victoria showed a different Granada, though not distant in time.”

Francisco Izquierdo wrote these words in the prologue of La fotografía como pasión. Martínez de Victoria (Photography as a passion. Martínez de Victoria). This work is the catalogue of an exhibition of this unique photographer’s work, held in Caja de Granada Museum in 2003. His lenses were witnesses of the events that changed the city in the beginning of the 20th century. Happenings like the visit of the King of Spain at the time to the gypsy caves of Sacromonte, the Albayzín festival, the last gold prospector of the Darro River etc. There is even a picture of his balloon called El Saturno, with which he used to fly over the city.