Albayzín Open Paradise

Discover the Albayzín paradise, a district declared a World Heritage Site which all must help preserve. Calmly explore the district and spend time among those who make possible the preservation of this almost 3,000-year-old site.

Would you like to know more about it? Onwards, then.

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“It is the dramatic narrow streets, the weird rickety stairways, waving tentacles twisting tiredly and capriciously. (…) The sound of dogs barking and distant voices foruitously calling someone with a disillusioned and sensual accent.”

Federico García Lorca

Published by
Agencia Pública Albaicín-Granada
Granada City Council

Based in: Casa de Zafra
8, Portería de la Concepción, 18010, Granada, Spain
Contact numbers: 958 180 079 / +34 626 985 399 Extension: 1708 / 7820

Based in: Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo
6, Plaza de los Campos, 18009, Granada, Spain
Contact numbers: 958 849 111 / +34 626 985 399 Extension: 1676 / 7820

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Acento Comunicación
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