Albaicín Connection

There are plenty of appealing places to visit in the surroundings of the Albayzín. Moreover, these places are not overcrowded with tourists, which makes the visit more enjoyable. Its location is easy to reach,

The paths of water.

One of the Albayzín’s hidden treasures is water. The source of life from which the lavishness of the beautiful gardens of the villas emerges. We are used to opening the water tap and immediately enjoying

Albayzín & Films

There is a scene in the award-winning noir Spanish film Días contados (Numbered days) when Ruth Gabriel demands Carmelo Gómez a proof of his love. If he wants to make love to her, it

Spiritual Haven

“Fue a Eva a quien le tocó tomar en sus manos y hacerse responsable del infinito, empezar el mundo e iniciar el tiempo. Fue ella la que se atrevió al desafío”. Gioconda Belli, El infinito

Albayzín Taste

There are a wide range of bars and restaurants in the Albayzín that keep up the traditional way of cooking in order to respect the smell and taste of Granada cuisine. Several generations of

The sound of Albayzín

In the book Granada en la música clásica universal (Granada and the universal classical music), the authors Rafael and Ignacio Hierro pointed out five spots in Albayzín related with this topic: Callejón de las Campanas

Perspectives of the Albayzín

The Barrio del Albayzín became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. A unique neighbourhood and a must see for visitors coming to Granada. Founded in the mid-8th century when Asap ben Abderrahman built a

We are against graffiti

Sadly, graffiti are constantly appearing in different spots of the district. Local authorities and different programs against graffiti have not managed to eradicate these acts of vandalism. For instance, the gate called Arco de