Albayzín will delight each one of your senses
Sight:The allure of the Alhambra can be contemplated from different viewpoints of the Albayzín but, without any doubt, this marvellous view does not eclipse the white architecture of the district which grows on a hillside that looks straight out of a fairy-tale. To appreciate the global view of the district, go downhill and follow Cuesta de los Chinos from the viewpoint called Mirador de la Churra. It is important to appreciate the details: the traditional ceramics of the district called cerámica de Fajalauza decorate balconies and walls; the colourful plants embellish the façades and the windows; the dignity of the older people who lived in the district for decades, the traces of thousands of civilizations which can spring up in the most unexpected corners.
Smell: The Albayzín is the perfect place in the city to smell flowers without going to the countryside. A smell that can be appreciated with eyes closed while listening to the sound of the water flowing in a Moresque cistern and feeling the caress of the sun. These feelings will bring you a sense of unexpected happiness.
Taste : Use your sense of smell to wander through the district in order to discover one of the most important pleasures of the Albayzín: the traditional cuisine. Ordinary houses are the place where the keepers of the traditional recipes still cook delicious stews. Most recently, various chefs are turning the district into a leading culinary centre thanks to their innovative and prodigious recipes without forgetting the simple taste of the traditional dishes.

Hearing: Enjoy the sound of the water flowing in a Moresque cistern or through the Darro River towards the hidden vault of the riverbed when it reaches the square called Plaza Nueva. Listen to the tone of the early riser bell which announces the beginning of a new day. The melody of the long and lilting greeting among the neighbours. The laughter of the kids playing. Sometimes, the kiss of a couple. A heartbreaking poem loaded with sadness that bursts into the night. A repetition of mellow sounds that requires silence to be appreciated.

Touch: Feel with your hands the rough walls that twist and turn through narrow streets. The walls are sometimes in poor condition due to an incomprehensive state of neglect. Touch lightly these walls full of history; if they could speak… By touching them, we are almost able to experience the past of the convents, the caves, the Islamic and Roman remains, the Moorish and Nasrid houses. Hands play a central role in the district that was also the birthplace of artisans. Thousands of different artisans, according to chronicles. Nowadays the Albayzín is still the home of ceramists, guitar-makers, silversmiths, goldsmiths and many other ancient crafts.