Journalist Where do your pictures come from? Do they come from your professional work or from your love for photography?

Sergio Luque My pictures come from a coincidence. I signed my wife up for a photography workshop, but in the end she couldn’t go, so I took her place. That’s how my relationship with photography started, and now it’s my passion. Two years ago, I collaborated in a project with the University of Granada. The work I did was taking pictures for the book Paseos matemáticos por Granada (Mathematics walks around Granada), written by the lecturer Álvaro Sevilla. That is how I really discovered Granada and more specifically, the Albayzín.

J. Nights, lights, contre-jour. Why did you choose these key features for most of your work?

S.L. Actually, I am deeply in love with night street photography. I really enjoy taking pictures when the sun goes down and the lights of the city start to shine. I always try to find a different framing, a different look that will make my picture special, unique. The sharing of the picture is the last step of a long plan.

J. What is the special thing about Albayzín?

S.L. The Albayzín represents the essence of Granada, its charm. This is the reason why every visitor falls in love with Granada. Photographically speaking, this district is pure magic: play of lights and shadows, framings, unique and different perspectives. All in all, it’s wonderful.

J. Are you aware of the virality of some of your images? Which one is the most shared in social media?

S.L. Yes, I’m aware. I would lie if I didn’t tell you that in the beginning I was very concerned about the impact of my pictures. Now, I enjoy what I do and don’t worry too much about it.

One of the pictures that really represents my style was the one I took from the Ermita de los Tres Juanes, a chapel from which you can see the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada. This picture was shared thousands of times and my page registered close to 1 million visits. Nowadays, a fair number of my pictures have registered close to 1 million visits, such as the one of Avenida de la Constitución, some of the Alhambra taken from the castle named Silla del Moro, and some others in which the Alhambra and the Albayzín are the real protagonists.

J. You seem to like landscapes and monuments more than portraits or realistic environments. Why?

S.L. I like photography in general, so I feel attracted to portraits too. However, this kind of picture is more personal, so I have to be cautious about sharing it on social media. That is why I keep them private. Actually, I also do some works related to social style.