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A guide for guides


University of Granada Digital Society and Culture Research Laboratory organized the Albayzín and Sacromonte Forums about sustainable tourism. During one of these forums, the participants elaborated a document named Best Practices Guide for Tourists

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Explorers’ district.


Carmen de Max Moreau The Belgian artist Max Léon Moreau lived in this typical villa of the Albayzín for more than thirty years. He left all his properties to Granada City Council

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Albayzín & Films


There is a scene in the award-winning noir Spanish film Días contados (Numbered days) when Ruth Gabriel demands Carmelo Gómez a proof of his love. If he wants to make love to her, it

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Albayzín & Photography


Albayzín is one of the most photographed districts in the world. For this reason, the following section focuses on two amateur photographers. They are from different times but they both found the inspiration on

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