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Welcome to paradise


Like every paradise, the Albayzín is fragile, very fragile. For this reason, it is important to discover the district’s streets, squares, heritage and people with care. Because, without any doubt, it is a gift to

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Gold prospectors


Who did not dream as a kid after watching a Western film to yell “Eureka! I’ve found gold!” after finding a gold seam? It is important to keep in mind that the mountains

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Magic atmosphere


It is understandable why many painters from different art styles decided to capture the Albayzín in their canvas, as well as professional photographers or just selfie-lovers from all over the world. They were enchanted

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Albayzín will delight each one of your senses Sight:The allure of the Alhambra can be contemplated from different viewpoints of the Albayzín but, without any doubt, this marvellous view does not eclipse the




In the 1980s new residents began to arrive and the impulse to heritage conservation began. The population bleeding is stabilized with the arrival of the 21st century. But soon the first


Always united


In 1984, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee declared the Alhambra and the Palace of Generalife a World Heritage Site. The declaration was based on three criteria included in the ICOMOS (International

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“The Albayzín,World Heritage Site”


Granada, the city surrounded by the magnificent setting of Sierra Nevada, is the legendary city known for its three hills: the Alhambra, the Red One; the Albayzín, the White One; and the

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Albayzín & Painters


El Albayzín. Inspiración de pintores (The Albayzín. An inspiration for painters) is the title of the book coordinated by Francisco Jiménez Rodríguez for Granada City Council in 2004. The culture department of the Residents’

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A guide for guides


University of Granada Digital Society and Culture Research Laboratory organized the Albayzín and Sacromonte Forums about sustainable tourism. During one of these forums, the participants elaborated a document named Best Practices Guide for Tourists

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A colourful education


Centro Ave María Casa Madre Andrés Manjón was a Spanish priest and educator whose magnum opus was founding Ave María Schools. These schools differ greatly from those Andrés Manjón

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